Why Do They Lead Us On?


I wrote a blog last year about reading the signs in a relationship. Although all the signs that person is committed are present in the relationship, it doesn’t always mean that they are really committed to you.

For myself when I go through hard times, I’ll mass read blogs.

I read a lot last year.

A lot would make claims such as…. “if they make future plans with you, they are committed.”

Or “if they meet your parents, it means they are committed.”

But honestly, all of that that doesn’t mean anything.

In retrospect, you will never know if they are committed.

Sometimes they just lead you on.

I’d like to think people are more human than to do it purposely, but people surprise me. And I’ve come to my own conclusion. There are two reasons why they would do such a thing…

Reason One:

They love the attention. They like to have you around because you give them what they want. They don’t have to fight for a reply from you. Most likely you are sitting by your phone waiting for their text. They love that you happen to be conveniently there. Maybe it’s for a good fuck or for a compliment that they have been wanting. Or they just love the idea of someone being goggly eyed over them.

Reason Two:

They love being around you, but they cant be with you. Whether its because of distance or some insecurity they might have; they continually lead you on because they don’t know what they want. This is the worst. Because they love you and treat you just like they would treat their significant other. They commit to you in one way, but refuse to commit to a relationship with you. In the end, both of you have wasted your time and energy on a relationship that was never going to go places.

If someone is honest with their feelings, then a person has no excuse to lead another person on. If someone doesn’t know what they want, then honestly they need to figure out their life before they bring someone else into it, because it will only be a shit show for the both of you.


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10 Things I’ve Learned Since Being Single and Why It Can Be Amazing

I blame all those Korean dramas and rom-com’s for making me believe in perfection…but I am happy as the independent women! Being single can be so awesome and it can suck sometimes. I feel like a lot of people look down on being single, but honestly, its amazing. I have learned a lot being on my own!
It has been enlightening to me, so here are the things I have learned so far as a single girl.

  1. I have discovered myself. I know what I want to do now and have found the right path for me. I discovered a career path and how much I actually love school.

  2. I can do and travel where ever I want by myself. I can live in a different country without my significant other holding me back.

  3. I have trouble understanding my friends and their relationships because I am single. I am also slightly biased to being single.

  4. Relationships take too much thought and thinking. I do enough of that as a college student, thank you, but no thank you.

  5. School is so much easier when you don’t have boys or girls on your mind.

  6. No matter how many years you have on “the boyfriend,” the best friend will always be placed second. Its a truth I still have a hard time accepting. “Chicks before dicks” and “Bro’s before ho’s” is not a real thing (Most of the time!).

  7. Being the third wheel sucks and is awkward, but yet you always get stuck as the third wheel, because you love your friends.

  8.  And everyone tells me that I am single because I am so picky, but F*** that. I have every right to be picky, and I am glad that I am picky. Because I won’t settle for a guy I kind of like. I want a guy I really like. :]]

  9. I have a perfect image in my head of love and I know its not going to be like that, but I am hopelessly waiting for it.

  10. Once I threw boys out of my life, I found happiness. True happiness. I can’t emphasis this enough. Without guys I found what I wanted and what was going to make me happy. Which doesn’t mean I want boys out of my life forever, but some time without them was needed.

So my advice. Find yourself before you find a life with someone else.

And yes, every relationship is different and this may not always be true, but its a good start if you don’t know where you want to go in life. So pack your bags and head to a different country, or enroll in a cool class, or talk about your future with others. Then you will realize what it is you want.

The Life as the Third Wheeler can be pretty awesome.

At Last,


And So It Begins

Hello to whoever is reading this. I am excited to start this awesome blogging journey with you. I am a young girl who loves adventure and traveling! I live in a small town, but hope to move to the big city of Seoul, South Korea. I lived in Korea for a full year on a full ride scholarship. I can now speak Korean almost fluently. I want to begin my blogging journey taking you back to the trip that opened my horizons. I wrote numerous amounts of blogs while studying in Korea and I now want to post some of them, while I also post about my life.

As for my blog name, it comes from a random thought I had at work, and it seemed to inspire me to write this blog. I do always find myself as the “The Third Wheel” in my friends relationships, but I’d hate to only write about relationships because that’s just boring! However, through my writing I hope to inspire the young or just anyone to travel and inspire us single ladies to be independent. <33

At Last,