The Casual Relationship of this Generation

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There are a lot of things that we all criticize about dating today. It mostly revolves around commitment issues. People love to blame their ex for their broken heart and blame them for the way they are. So because of their ex, they can’t commit.

I fail to believe that this is the case.

Your ex isn’t the reason you don’t want to commit. You just want the fun without the stressors of a relationship. I can’t say I blame you. Relationships are stressful, and who needs them when we are young and beautiful. We can have whoever we want for the night. But you are the one who ignores the angel on your shoulder, and the others who listen to the angel…



A few drinks in…The devil says sleep with them, while the angel wakes you up in his or her bed the next morning saying you want a relationship and a future with someone.

Then there are other people who ignore the angel on their shoulder and listen to the little devil telling them that casual sex is exciting. The devil whispers to them telling them to escape into an emotionless, non-committable abyss.

I guess in today’s society sleeping around with people is normal? Its something “cool” people do.

Interestingly enough though, sleeping with someone and then listening to the angel on your shoulder and inevitably being rejected, isn’t the hurtful part. What hurts is when all of the people around you tell you that you are better than that. Obviously your girl friends are obligated to tell you that you’re amazing. But when all of your guy friends and even male co-workers look you straight in the eye and start telling you that you better than that, and him/her, it hurts you. Are they telling you, you don’t have the right taste in guys or girls?

If I am “amazing” and “the perfect girl that any guy would be lucky to have you,” why is he just sleeping with me?

It baffles me. Many girls and guys around me are great people. They are beautiful, smart, and fun yet their “significant other” won’t commit.

Maybe its the difference between men/women and boys/girls. But even that I am unsure of.

Maybe you have to do the 5 date rule before you sleep with him or her. But even that…

Maybe you have to act like you don’t care so he or she can chase you. But isn’t that childish?

Or maybe he or she just isn’t the right one. But that’s the hopeless romantic talking, who believes that one day prince charming will show up in her life. Childish?

I cant help but find hope in these situations though.

You slept them, so big deal. It probably wasn’t that great right?  Well he or she is just to caught up in societies norms blaming their ex’s for their destruction and addiction to casual relationships. He or she wasn’t able to see you were special. And you know what? That should make you want to show him or her and the rest of them that you are indestructible and you’re are going to be successful.  Show them all that you are a boss in your own life. Make those people that never saw your worth, regret not opening their eyes. Go make lots of money. Become a CEO of your future company or whatever you want in life. Be you and be happy.

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The Young and Passionate Generation??

It’s obvious that times are changing. Millennials have grown up around MySpace,Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and everything else.

The internet has closed us off to the world.

I look at kids today, and instead of playing in the bushes out in the neighborhood or making mud pies, kids are inside playing with their tablets and watching Kids Netflix.

Is there something wrong with this?

Not necessarily. Times are always changing. Technology is taking over our lives.

But because of technology we are loosing something within our oursleves and souls. Something called passion.

Today, there are very few of us who are passionate about life and about our own opinions. i’d love to say that I am one of those passionate people, but even I only have my moments.

Before technology, people were extremely proactive about fighting for what they believed in.

Some instances;

In 1910, the women’s suffrage movement caught fire and women from around the country came together. Even though at that time spreading the word was not nearly as easy as it today, they still came together and fought for the women’s vote.

Then in the 1960’s, whites and blacks from around the country came together and protested for equal rights for everyone.

Where is the passion in our love lives?

Millennial’s are also known for the “Netflix and Chill” nights and FXckboys or sidechicks. Oh the marvelous one night stands. Or the oh we are just “talking” even though that really means we are dating.

We are scared of what the other person is feeling and avoid commitment. So we just nonchalantly mess around. I can’t say that I haven’t been tempted to this distant type of relationship.

Although this “distant relationship” is almost an oxymoron? It’s actually a very “close” relationship.

So what happened to us? We suck at being passionate about things.

We are too busy worrying about what our crush or ex is seeing on social media.

We are too busy trying to make a living.

We are too busy taking pictures to brag to everyone.

Too busy trying to pay off school loans.

Too busy dealing with insignificant things.

If we can’t be passionate about the things that matter, then how are we supposed to live a healthy life.

We cant.

If we can’t be passionate about the issues that will effect our lives, then we can’t be happy….

You can’t be a fXckboy or side chick and be happy, because I swear one day you will fall in love with the person you are just “talking” to, and regret you didn’t believe in the bigger picture.

I would rather fall in love and make sure I told them. If they dont accept me, well at least I wasn’t just a fXckgirl that had no feelings.


I don’t care if you are a boy or girl. We all have feelings.

Don’t loose your passion.

Be proactive and engage.