The Misconception of Heartbreak

There’s a misconception about heart break.

My friend came to me after breaking up with her boyfriend. She was heartbroken, obviously. She told me, “You don’t understand what it’s like to go through heartbreak.”

Little did she know I probably had just gone through the worst heartbreak of my life. It may not have been the kind she was thinking of, but it was definitely devastating. My dream university hadn’t accepted me. The university I had worked my ass off to get into for the past 2 years denied me. I had never put my whole heart and worked so hard for anything before. I was told I had an almost guaranteed entry. My application was amazing, so what went wrong? I still couldn’t tell you, but in that one email I had came to realization that my expectations and plans had just crumbled to wastes…

We are sorry to inform you that you were not accepted..”

That was true heartbreak. Tears don’t justify how hurt you are, but I cried for weeks. Its hard even go to the same part of town anywhere near that university because it hurts. Its like avoiding your ex’s house! The hardest part was accepting and moving on, like after any heartbreak. I’m trying to adapt and be optimistic everyday.  “Everything happens for a reason.”

Heartache isn’t just something we experience with the ending of an a relationship. It something we experience when we have expectation. Heartbreak is when we expect and have hope in something or someone. And I don’t think its fair to undermine anyones heartbreak. No matter what, it hurts.

At Last,