Trump is Your President, but Have HOPE

We have elected our new president, and at the beginning of January 2017, Trump will represent this country. As hateful as you might be of the choice, you must come to terms with reality. What’s done is done, and now you need to have hope and faith. Don’t blame the system. Don’t blame the DNC. Don’t blame your neighbor.

 Maybe Trump wasn’t what you wanted but don’t add to the divide. This separation that we see is due to the fact that people talked poorly and downgraded their own President in these past 8 years. And the racism that is instilled in our communities and in congress is because people are ignorant to their own hatred and negativity. We had a president that represented this country well and fought to compromise with Congress, but the hatred people had, brought divide within Congress.

 Unfortunately, I cannot tell the American people that Trump will do well, but it isn’t a time to spit hatred and dark words out. Reach out to local representative and get involved with politics.  Elections are only a small part of politics. Important, but small.  

I am sure that this is something you hear all the time but this country is seriously divided. Don’t add to the hatred. Just give the situation time. Have hope and faith that everything will work out. Then if it doesn’t work out, move to Canada.

At Last,



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