Thailand: Do’s and Don’t

I have been wanting to travel to Thailand for a long time and I finally got to go and surprisingly it wasn’t all that I hyped it up to be. Not to say it wasn’t amazing, but I would have done a few things differently 

  1. Stay in Bangkok for 3 days, max,
    —Bangkok is cool but after 3 days it’s boring and you are sick of being hustled out of your money.  
  2. img_9533img_9446
  3. You might get scammed
    —Thailand makes the majority of their money through tourism, so scams are everywhere. The scams may be harmless, merely just upping the price or trying to push you to buy something, but just to warn you. There are nice people in Thailand, but sometimes people can be too nice. Usually those are the ones who are after something. Scam Rings of hustlers exists. 
  4. img_9451
  5. Don’t stay at Patong Beach
    —Unless you want that city hustle like Bangkok again.  Patong was a cool place to party and shop, but not the place to relax and enjoy the beach. However, Karon beach is much nicer and more chill. The water is more blue and clean too. I would have rather stayed there or on another island.
  6. img_9760
  7. Fight for the price you want
    —I knew this going into Thailand, but the price they give you is high, so make sure you haggle the price with them. Walk away and they might pull you back and give you that price you want. Someone explained it to me as if you two are flirting with each other.
  8. I’d spend more days at the beaches in Thailand
    —because it is more worth it than staying in Bangkok. The islands and the beaches are beautiful and they are what make Thailand so beautiful.
  9. img_9706img_9743img_9730img_9659img_9731img_9669img_9664
  10. Ride an elephant in a ethical sanctuary
    —The tourist elephant trekking advertisements are probably inhuman and sad. They don’t treat the elephants with the care they need at those places. There are many sanctuaries in Chaing Mai, but we went to one in the Phuket area, near Patong Beach. It was by far the best day of my whole trip. The sanctuary was amazing and we learned so much about these beautiful creatures. The sanctuary is call Phanga Elephant Sanctuary
  11. Take out money at home and exchange at the airport. Simple rule but ATM’s charge so much and it adds up in the end. Just make sure you keep your cash in a safe place. Money packs or in a safe at the hotel etc..DCIM100GOPROGOPR1329.
At Last,

One thought on “Thailand: Do’s and Don’t

  1. Honestly tourism has taken some serious ugly turn in Thailand in the last 10 years. Perhaps its the influx of too many people that led to the idea of easy money (in the local context). To them (scammers) you are just a walking money bag. It happens in Bali too for that matter. Same approach you mentioned here applies there too.

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