Back In Time: Getting Sick and School in Korea

September 17th,2010


This week has been very crazy busy, plus I’m getting sick. I woke up this morning with a cold, so I told my host sister, Yumi. And she says…

(in Korean)

Yumi: “Oh My GOSH! You need to go to the hospital. Lets go!  You need to go!”

Me:   “Yu-mi. I’m fine… I don’t need to go,”

Yumi: “Ahh! In Korea you don’t need appointments, so we just go to the doctors.”

Me: “Yeah Im fine though. I’m not going to die though. We go to hospital in the US if were going to die or something. I only have a cold.”

Everyone here just goes to the doctors or hospital for minor problems. Probably because health insurance is SO cheap.But even without healthcare, it’s cheap to see a doctor. It makes me wonder why on earth the US can’t manage to turn over a good universal healthcare system.  

I ended up being pushed to go. I felt pathetic going to the hospital for nothing but for a minor cold. So I decided that  I just won’t tell my family I’m sick or mention anything. 

Anywhoooo. Change of subject, but I have to note how crazy my school is.

Going to an all girls school is crazy. All I hear all day is screaming.



Not going to lie, its kind of getting annoying.Everyone just yells all the time! Like I said before, I have seen girls tackle each other in the hallway. It must be the built up sexual frustration from the lack of boys.

But then on the opposite end, everyone sleeps for half the day. And I understand. Its hard not too. I mean the classes here aren’t interactive, so the teacher stands up there and lectures, sometimes you take notes, but a lot of times they just talk.Plus, they aren’t the most engaging teachers. It gets boring.

It cool getting an inside view of the Korea school system, although learning isn’t possible with my lack of language skills, its cool to see the environment. :]


Until next time


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