Back In Time: I am an US Ambassador in SK

September 15th, 2010

Just another day in Korea, but today everyone is taking a big test. Fortunately, Kelly (the other foreign student I’m with), and are in this random room for the next 7 hours just chillin’. A day full of sleeping,studying, and Facebook! There’s no way we could even attempt to take the test. My Korean skills are not up to par yet.

These days I’ve been thinking a lot.

I have to write this essay in Korean for my program. I was going to write it on the difference between Korean high schools and American high schools.But I’ve found out you can’t really do that.

I came to South Korea comparing it the only other country I know, the US. However, its not fair to compare the two.


It obstructs your intake of knowledge, diversity, and point of view.

Everyone has a way of doing something, whether it’s a better or more difficult method, its their own way. I may disagree with certain methods here, but then I think,

“Well I’m in Korea, Hello! This is their culture and their ways.”

By learning about the things I dislike and like, I have grown to appreciate and respect my own country. We are so fortunate.

We live in a democracy. We have a vote in things. We grow up speaking the international language. And so much more. Just little things.

Maybe we should spend less time blaming our President or nation and spend time being appreciative of the democracy we live in.

Of course, South Korea is also a democracy, but here, I have come to appreciate some basic privileges we have in the US. One would be air conditioning and heaters in schools!!! Yeah they don’t have any here..OR CARPET! I miss carpet in the house. You’d be surprised how much you’ll miss it.

Like I said the little things.

I also think the fact that I am an ambassador for my country, makes me appreciate it more. I get so frustrated when people tell me,

“Oh the US is not safe. Everyone can have a guns” (And this was before the mass shootings in the US)


“Well I have seen people go study to America and come back druggies..”

Really? Like I doubt that.It’s only because of Hollywood people believe that.

Anyway, respect your country. No country is perfect.

Until next time from South Korea.


At Last,




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