A Failed Attempt at Being a Player

After a break up, its hard to believe you will find someone else. You constantly recollect the memories you had with your last fling or lover. You constantly think about all the amazing traits they possessed. At this point, getting back into the dating game sounds dreadful.

For myself, I went from being sad>>> to being relieved that it was over>>> into a rebellious stage.

I wanted to dye my hair some drastic new colors and become a player. I wanted to hang out with lots of guys but not get serious with any of them. I wanted to become a player, because in my mind being a good person and respectful to guys’ feelings only hurt me in the end, so why not? Besides, at that moment, there was no one that came to par with the last guy I was with. Most of all, I didn’t want to get attached or hurt again.

  • I did dye my hair, 3 times. It never came out drastic. My hair rejected drastic change.  I think that was a sign that the player life wasn’t for me.
  • I went out and partied every weekend and didn’t meet anyone that I could even potentially be romantic with, because I would automatically friend zone every guy I met.
  • Honestly though,that player life just wasn’t cut out for me, because I fall to hard anyway.
  • I tried to be a player, but I actually think I got less game with that mentality.

Instead, I met the group of people who would pick me up out of my deep hole of thoughts that I had buried myself in.

They helped me part ways with my previously troublesome relationship. They helped me see the light and my worth. And they probably don’t know this either.

But they saved me from those little thoughts that were swarming in the back of my mind about my ex “fling.”


After a while, you will come to terms with yourself and force yourself to move on. You have too. You will go through your depressed stage, then the rebellious stage, then find your happy medium. Then you just might find someone who is way better than the last guy, and you will be overwhelmed with those feelings. You wont know what to do. You will have forgotten what it feels like to have feelings and to go through the childish “I like you,””Do you like me?” game.

Once you are back at your happy medium, you will be so desperate to get that love back and replace it, that you jump on the first guy that you actually see a possibility of being with (or the first guy you don’t friend zone)

This probably means you aren’t ready. If you think you need that love, then you aren’t ready. Find love within yourself again first.

You’ll either be the person who runs toward the next relationship or the person who runs away from it. Either way take it slow and give it time.

However,don’t shy away from someone because you are scared. I realize  the idea of actually getting with someone or getting attached again is AWFUL to most people, but its going to happen at some point.

Don’t push it though.If you aren’t ready then you aren’t ready.

TIME is all you need.

At Last,


Btw I’m grateful to the fam. :]


Music that fits the moods



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