Back in Time: The Bug Life in Korea

September 8th,2010

Hello , everyone! Well the other day a lovely mosquito came to visit me. He prettied me up with little red spots.

Maybe about 9 bites?Never gotten so many in my life.

Then a grasshopper decided to come into my room (I live on the 15th floor. That thing must of rode the elevator!) I pulled my bed out looking for this sucker. Finally my host mom just came in and just casually picked him up.

Actually there aren’t too many bugs around, unless you go to the country side. It probably helps that we live on the 15th floor too.


I started a hip hop class today, and I am really excited to have something fun to do during the week!

I was a bit embarrassed today though. This girl in the class starting speaking English to me. Naturally I spoke English back, because she was good at English. Then she talks to Kelly( who is the other American girl in my program, who goes to the same school as me) and Kelly responds in Korean.

Everyone was like “OMG your Korean is amazing,” They decide to reiterate her excellence back to me. I felt like I got slapped in the face.( I speak Korean too. Just give me a chance.) . Afterwards everyone paid attention to her rather than me.

This type of situation became a daily struggle.

At Last,



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