Drinking Over 21 vs Under 21

My taste in alcohol is not classy. Well drinks, the bottom of the bottom are fine with me because that’s all I can afford… I don’t need the bottle of vodka on the top shelf in my vodka-cran. I guess you could say I haven’t reached that sophisticated drinking mark yet, neither has my bank account. However, I think I am a more sophisticated drinker now that I am 21.

I recently started college, like university life college. Oh yes, that crazy life. And I have had my fair share of parties. As an “old” person (21yo) I have already done my fair share of drinking, and I find myself a more sophisticated than when I was younger.

As a freshmen or at that age, you have escaped from home. You have escaped from your parents watching you. You don’t have to worry about stumbling in drunk and your parents seeing you or having them constantly asking “where you are you? What are you doing?” You are “free.” So people go crazy. Its all about shots, after shots, after shots. Getting drunk really fast so you can be wasted NOW.

Thats not my style. This also might be due to the lack of experience. However, I have tried the ways of the college life, and its not my style. You are sober and all the sudden you are drunk. Not fun. You miss the best part! The tipsy stage.

Of course these stages vary as far as actions and tolerance to each person. But for most here it is.

There are 5 stages:

Stage 1:Sober. Thats self explanatory.

Stage 2: Buzzed. Feeling happy and not as uptight. Definitely more social at this point.

Stage 3: Tipsy. Feeling really good. Maybe getting a little loud. Much more flirty and a total carefree attitude about your actions.

Stage 4:Drunk. Making some dumb decisions, but you are aware of what you are doing somewhat. Laughing a lot, and at this point super loud.

Stage 5: F*cked up. Stumbling, blacking out, and lets hope you aren’t throwing up. You wont remember most of it in the morning. Better hope you have a friend by your side who is soberish or else you’re screwed.

I would rather sip on my vodka cran and slowly feel the tipsyness come up on me. Thats stage 3. I want to enjoy those few hours of middle ground before I get to the part where I say stupid things and maybe make bad decisions. You might decide to continue to drink during this stage… and get shit faced. That’s where you will stumble and fall, drunk text your exes,tell them you miss them and want their body, or drunk text your best friends exes (which is apparently what I do? Not in a weird way!). Basically the stage where you make really stupid decisions.

My point is that being 21, I feel like I am a more sophisticated drinker. Its something you learn. College parties are cool, but I do enjoy the bar once in a while.Where that super handsome man will buy me a drink or maybe I’ll just buy him one ;] Because, you know, feminism, right?

At Last,



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