Back In Time: Curious About the Little Things in Korea?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(I think we were posing…..haha)


80% of the time it is spicy. But i’ve come to like it! I originally could not stand spicy food. Now I can deal with it. You always have rice with your meal and it helps with the spiciness. Unfortunately, I’ve found that Koreans like to drink their beverages after their meal for some reason. Also when they eat meat, they don’t eat a lot of it, but rather you have a main dish (sometimes meat) and a bunch of side dishes such as: tofu, bean sprouts , anchovies, kimchi, soup,and sliced cucumbers just to name a few. Some places give you sooo much it won’t even fit on the table!

Learning Korean:

Is a really difficult because now I am not in actual classes. Its hard to self study and discipline myself. It’s hard to sit there and just remember words and grammar all day. It’s a lot of fun to use new words, and find yourself understanding new words in their context though! Its rewarding. ❤

People in Korea:

They are really nice! Of course, I can’t say everyone is nice here, but for the most part. I haven’t had any horrible experiences! In Seoul,people would give up seats for the elders and they would ask if I needed help with directions occasionally.


The Dads work all the time and go out and drink at least 3 times a week. Drinking is a huge part of culture here.The Moms stay home all day and make breakfast for the kids and husband. Then wait all day for them to come home. Then make dinner. The kids just go to school all day. High schoolers have self study after school then private tutors and elementary and middle school students have cram school.

I love this place though. Im learning something new everyday!



At Last,



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