Woman are the Bosses in the Bedroom. The Queens of Sex.


You were just a fXckboy, obviously.

You just wanted me to comfort you, and thats cool.

But I have the power to say no

I never expected anything. BUT now, I finally understand what it feels like to feel used.

I’m not upset about it. It’s just a feeling i’ve never felt before. And I think I was quite surprised by the total fXckboy attitude. You got what you wanted,then you left me in the bedroom, and I never saw you again. I’ve never had a guy act so abruptly horrible to a girl.

Maybe he couldn’t face his feelings ,since I heard you whine when you wanted more.

“You pretend like I don’t exist, but I still made you whimper like a lil bitch when you were about to cum.”-Instagram

I think boys freak out and run away because girls have an upper hand when it comes to sex. Women rule in the bedroom. It’s easier for girls to push away that desire of sex sometimes. (Not that we don’t want it) If we really wanted sex though, then we would get it.

But we have the power to say No

It was fun. But to get to the door, I had to walk through the living room filled with his roommates and I felt ashamed. Like I was being a whore, but that’s not fair. They have no right to judge me. Little do they know, I was the boss of that situation. I mean I had his manhood in the palm of my hand about 10 minutes ago. And you walk away from me as if you drunk and “accomplished.” No.

When guys leave the bedroom, they think they are all high and mighty and brag to their buddies about what happened. That actually downgrades a woman. He makes himself look as if he was in control in the bedroom and he “won”

So I walk out feeling as if I am getting judged because of his attitude toward me.

The sad thing was, that I even started judging myself..Worrying about what everyone thought of me. I shook that feeling very fast though.

Because I had the power to say No

I’ve known this for a long time, but I’ve never really been in a situation where it pertained to me. Guys are allowed to whore around, but girls have to feel ashamed about having a bit of fun. Women are judged because they are supposed to be classy. I have class, but that doesn’t mean I am not allowed to have fun sometimes. Marilyn Monroe was classy, and she was not innocent. 

I refuse to think negatively about myself because I wanted to have fun one night when I had a few drinks and needed some excitement.

I may have got left alone after he was done, which is totally horrible up and I don’t condone that behavior at all, however, I had control. I mean, he really didn’t get what he wanted.

The power to say “No” is the biggest power we as woman have.

I was and am the boss.

At Last,



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