There Will Always Be Better


It is in our nature to be complex beings, but fuck, can’t we just be simple when it comes with dealing with one another in regards to relationships.


Just by ourselves, alone,we are complicated. Then put two complicated human beings together, with different thoughts, emotions, and habits, life becomes, well, a mess.

I’ve always tried to see relationships as black and white. If you and your boyfriend break up, that’s it. Its done, move on and don’t talk to them again. So many of my friends have had their exes linger around and it’s obviously hard for them to move on because they continued to talk or fuck their exes.

I advocate for them to live a single life and cut off ties with the boy.  But I have become my worst enemy and have turned a blind eye to my own advice. Why? Because I am complicated. We are complicated.

Admit it. We do things that don’t add up in the end out of desire, thirst, and love.

We desire comfort,someone by our side, a friend, and a lover.

We thirst for sex, that touch, that kiss, and passion.

We love to be loved.

So we force ourselves to make decisions we know is going to hurt us because we long for that that second of happiness.

I’m trying to be the strong women I have grown into and become.The feminist! The person that that I love, because yes, I love myself.  But I am having this constant battle in my mind: To give myself back to them or to walk away.

I never knew how hard it was to walk away. And now I understand all of my friends struggles. 

I understand why all my friends lingered around there exes. Of course, they all ended up finding someone better in the long run.

There will ALWAYS be someone better, even if you don’t believe it today, tomorrow, or next week. You will walk into a party or bar or maybe swipe right onTinder, they will say some thing random to you, next thing you know you’ll be typing their number into your phone and texting them. Soon enough, you’ll be dating and discover you have found someone better. It might not happen tomorrow but be optimistic. They will appreciate you, love you, be honest to you, apologize to you when their wrong, and adore you.

You then can say you officially found someone better.

At Last,


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