Back In Time: Stress Levels Are SKY High In Korea

September 2,2010

There was a bit of a pun in my title.

In Korea there are three top universities that are called the S.K.Y. universities. They stand for Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. They are the top schools, hence “SKY.” If you are lucky enough to get into one of these schools, you are basically promised a job once you graduate. To get in to these schools is what every girl and boy works for throughout their middle school and high school life. Of course, a majority know they will never be able to make it. It is extremely competitive. But hey, always be optimistic.

Every day is just a normal day, but something is always happening that makes it very different. if that makes any sense. Everyday I find how hard Koreans have it. I was in shock when my friend in class told me she had an english class, after 14 hours of school, from 10 pm to 1 am…every other day…. I think its absolutely ridiculous.

I can’t speak Korean well enough to participate in academics and tests, so I am an outsider as far as knowing how the girls feel. It’s hard to see people get heart broken. Its not over boys either!! That will be a whole other struggle for them, they will be bewildered by. They easily get heart broken over bad test scores and the amount of studying they didn’t finish. I’ve seen to many girls cry and throw fits from stress. And they are rubbing off on me, because I had a break down the other day too! What math can do to a girl..

Keeping my head up though!


A few pictures of the Iksan(where we lived) crew and one of everyone.

Me random 12

Me and 쌤Farming Trip 1Buan

At Last,



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