My Next Destination

So ever since I returned from Ireland I have been debating on the next country that needs a little spice of Brielle. It was between Germany and England for a long time. And I have decided on England/Scotland for an array of reasons!


This trip will be special because it will be solo. I have been wanting to backpack and coachsurf by myself for a while and I wanted to try it in an english speaking country for starters.But Ive bought a backpack and I so flipping ready. I’m a little nervous to venture out on my own!

I’m hoping that on this solo journey I can push myself out of my comfort zone and discover a new me. I hope that it will push me to discover more exotic countries by myself in the furture too. But also find out whether I enjoy traveling alone or with someone else

Any tips are always welcomed for my journey to the UK!

I hope the Scots ad Brits are ready for me. They are going to love me ❤

At Last,



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