Back in Time: My Amazing Classmates

August 26th,2010

This was a good week. School has been amazing, even if it is long. 11 hours is just agonizing. But I couldn’t be spending that long of day with a better group of girls.

My host sister,Yumi, is amazing. I adore her. She’s very chill unlike most of the girl in my class. Hyo Sun, I absolutely love. She super quiet and is a weird as she sits behind me and plays with my hair, but she’s so sweet and cute. Hye rim is amazing at English and is super chill, but once you get her started on Big Bang or on video games, she’s a bit crazy. Those are the some of the people I spend my days with. I love everyone though! Like this girl gave me her pencil pouch. Unfortunately, I can’t remember her name. Granted, I can barely remember my host families names, yet alone my whole classes. They all come up to me:

“Do you remember my name?!!”

“ehhh…..jeeee(지)……?” Hoping it might start with “ji” like most Korean names.


I really love it here though. I’m starting to think about all the things I will miss when I leave. Like the food, which at first I was skeptical on because I have a hard time with spicy food, but I’ve adjusted and I love it now! I need to make some American Korean friends so I can go over and eat their moms food!! haha. Well I shouldn’t start thinking about my departure because I still have a long 10 months to go.<3

Friends 5 Friends 7 Friends 8 Friends 9 Friends 10

At Last,



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