Blame Evolution for Love and Relationships

Let me just say, if you don’t believe in evolution then you wont agree with this (you should still read it though :] ) For everyone that hasn’t taken an anthropology class, take one and learn about the undeniable facts. You can be religious and still believe in evolution!!


I’ve started uni today, and as I sat there listening to the Chancellor speak to us about the future and becoming intelligent and educated beings, I was inspired. There is so much ahead of me in life. So much potential for us to learn about the world, history, politics, and more. To get different jobs, internships, and to travel the world. There is so much to do in life, so why are relationships held high on a pedestal for most people?

Personally, I absolutely hate that I think of relationships so important in my life. Don’t get me wrong, my education and success would overrule any relationship in the end, but finding a person to spend my time with is more important than I’d like it to be. It’s similar to a guilty pleasure, but should I feel guilty? Should we feel guilty?

I wonder if it is just in our nature or if society creates that idea that relationships are so important. Obviously, society highlights relationships in everyway. It’s what sells;

“Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Together? Breaking up?”

“Justin Bieber and Selena singing about each other?”

Love is what most songs are about. It is something we are passionate about and something we can relate to.

Movies usually always have a touch a romance, if they aren’t already a romantic movie. Pop-culture makes relationships look desirable.

Society might have something to do with our obsession with love, but what if it wasn’t only society that was making relationships desirable. What if it was how we were born?

The goal for any living thing is to reproduce. In order to do that, they look for the opposite sex. However, most species don’t express the act of love. Apes and chimpanzees (our cousins[depending on whether or not you believe in evolution]) express some levels of caring and love, such as grooming their mate or being protective of them.So maybe finding a mate is built into our systems and as hominids, have evolved into loving one another.

If you believe in evolution this is my theory;

As apes, we showed some type of loving, but maybe evolved into loving one another because we thrived and survived, since two is better than one. We had someone to protect us, who always had our back no matter what. Having two people raise a youngling was easier and the child was more likely to survive with the help of two parents. I realize that apes already live in a community, but there is a difference from having a lover have your back and a community having your back. That person or ape or Australopithecus or homo erectus, whatever we were, is loving and protecting you, alone.

I hate that I desire a relationship because I love being an independent person. But maybe it is just who we are. We desire relationships because it is what we were built to do. We love, That is what we were meant to do.

So can I love you? ❤

At Last,



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