The Downfall of Having a Huge Heart

My zodiac sign is cancer. I am emotional, moody, loving and family oriented. I have a huge heart, that is very particular. There are few things that I really set my heart on. However, when I do love, I love whole heartedly. It might be a very naive thing to do, but I can’t help myself and for that, when I fall, I usually fall on my face.

They say that those who care less have the upper hand in a relationship. We all know this, and it is a hard to truth to come to terms with. The one that loves and is loyal ends up getting punished and as I noted, falls on their face. The big heart looses in the long run. That is the downfall of having a big heart, we fall hard and usually end up hurting for it.

But having a big heart also means something else. The people who are surrounding you are probably the cream of the crop. They are the most loyal and incredible people on this planet. So when you fall on your face, they are standing right their with bandages and painkillers. They appreciate that heart that accepts and loves every part of them.

Your huge heart might pull you down and make you may fall on your beautiful face, but its also the strongest. It accepts more love than others, and for that reason you can overcome anything that comes your way. ❤ ❤ ❤


So let me take this moment to say how much I appreciate all of my amazing friends and family. I don’t think I realized that I had so many people supporting me until this past year. Thats one thing I am grateful for. This years been a bit rough, but I have been surrounded by the best people anyone could have ever asked for. So thanks guys. :]

At Last,



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