Back in Time: Love Your Country

August 22nd,2010
Day 57 maybe?

Hey guys!

So in Korea you have to go to school on Saturday. However, every third Saturday we get off and Saturdays are half days. We are only there until 12pm.

Everyone is still crowding around me at school. Its really weird. I’ll be standing somewhere and one person comes to talk to me and all of the sudden theres a huge group hovering around me, asking me questions like

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?”

“Do you like Korean boys”

“You go to school with boys? How is that?”

It’s really fun, but at the same time I feel like I’m in a movie and I wonder why am I so interesting? I’m only an American. I can’t even speak Korean, let alone English very well. I go to school with boys, but I haven’t had a real boyfriend ever.High school boys are annoying and dumb anyway. There’s no reason to be so intrigued! Not saying I don’t like it though… :]

These girls are so secluded from the outside world though and that’s why they are so curious!  Back in the states I said, “Our schools should be more like Korean schools. I wish I was Korean and living in Korea, so I could get a great education” Within this last week I have completely withdraw that statement. I love Korea, but the schools are way too much. There is so much pressure to get into the top universities in Korea. If you aren’t lucky enough to get into the tp schools then finding a job will be twice as hard for you. It creates so much stress for these kids, they don’t get to experience anything else.

Visiting Korea has shown me how good we have it in the US. (And Korea is a developed country!)

Me Random 6 Friends 3Friends 4

Apart from school…

This weekend we got to spend the night on the countryside, because my family is rich and has 2 houses. I kinda like the country, its pretty! The country house was new and every westernized. I’m scared to see the older houses that have outback toilets and no showers.It would be a fun experience though.

I do love it here. I think Korea is still growing and finding a middle ground. Its become such a large industrial culture so fast, that it is still trying to catchup in many other ways.

 미국,보고 싶어요.[I miss you America]


me and yoomi

At Last,



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