The Small Yet Beautiful Country of Ireland<3

I already did a full blog on Kilkenny, but I decided to fit my whole trip into one blog. Its easier that way. So Enjoy!

Day 1-Day2: Dublin–> Kilkenny

We landed at 5 am and caught a bus to Kilkenny. It wasn’t the easiest to find, but we asked around and found it. It cost us about 25 Euros. We got to Kilkenny and rolled our luggage on over to the hostel.We stayed at the Youth hostel which was not to shabby. Location and the people were both great!

Kilkenny was my favorite town. It was so small and quaint.

You could probably do Kilkenny in one day, but considering we were EXTREMELY jet lagged we took an extra day. Kilkenny is small enough to walk around. We just ventured around the town seeing the Cathedrals, the Black Abbey, and the castle. We went to a few pubs and just hung out with some of the locals.

Day 3-Day 5 Kilkenny–>Cork

We left early morning from Kilkenny in the pouring rain and headed to Cork via bus.  Yet again rolling our luggage from the train station to our hostel (Bru Bar and Hostel). We arrived midday a bit tired so we rested a while then walked around the town a bit.

Honestly Cork was my least favorite town, but I had the best two days while staying in Cork.

Right down the street from our hostel is a place called The fish wife. Their fish and chip are incredible! You have to go!

On day 4 we visited the Rock of Cashel. Probably is on the top on my list of favorite places. They offer free guided tours, which I’d highly recommend. Theres also an abandoned Abbey at the bottom of the hill you can explore!. That was quiet fun!

(It is about 30 minutes from Cork by bus.)

IMG_5785 20150313_15250920150313_154935

Day 5 we went to Blarney castle to kiss the Blarney stone. No matter how long the line, you have to wait! It’s a must do in Ireland. Blarney Castle grounds is gorgeous and huge. You could probably spend your whole day there. Unfortunately, we had to get back to catch a bus to Killarney.

(Blarney is about 15 minutes from Cork.)


Day 5- Day 7: Cork–>Killarney

So we caught a bus from Cork to Killarney and arrived late day. We got some dinner and food at the pub. We met some locals and as it was Saturday night we partied and went clubbing! haha

The next day we booked a bus tour with Paddywagon to see the Ring of Kerry. It was a 6 hour tour and you do stop for lunch. The Ring of Kerry is gorgeous and it is a must do in Ireland. There is also the Dingle Peninsula tour.I heard it is beautiful, but we didn’t have the time for it.  Day 7 we rented bikes for half the day and rode through Killarney National Park. I really wished we could have stay there all day. It was so beautiful and so peaceful. If St. Patricks Day wasn’t the next day then I totally would have. We had to get back to Dublin for the festivities though.

I loved Killarney!



We didn’t get in until late the night before so we crashed and got up a little early to head out to Dublin. Staying in the city on Paddys day was expensive and fully booked. We stayed in a hotel by the airport, which was not too bad. Our bus dropped us off around 10-1030am in Dublin. We met up with some locals who we knew from a mutual friend and pub hopped all day. It is a mad house with hundreds of thousands of people. It was so much fun, but it is crazy.



Day 9-Dublin

We left our hotel and moved to a hostel in the city called The Generator. It was a really nice hostel and fairly new. Definitely recommend it! We spent the day recuperating after a gnarly St.Paddy’s day. One thing I enjoyed about our trip was that we weren’t rushed to do things all the time and it gave us lots of time to relax from all our crazy nights of drinking. haha

Day 10 Dublin

All of the sightseeing things in Dublin a pretty close to each other and can be walked to. We walked by St. Patricks Cathedral, but didn’t go inside since there is a fee. You can always go during Mass to get in for free, but we weren’t interested enough to go inside. We checked out Dublin Castle which we weren’t to thrilled about either, so we decided not to pay to take the tour. We had already seen so many cool castles. We were over being royal!

We stopped by Trinity College and went into The Long Room. Very cool place! A must see in Dublin! So many old books being preserved there!

That night we headed to Temple Bar. For a Thursday night, it was crowded and loud. It is a must see in Dublin, but drinks are a bit expensive and we weren’t feeling the crowd that night so we headed back to the hostel!


Day 11 Dublin

We switched hostels and moved to Jacobs Inn. They have a pub crawl they do with 4 other hostels in Dublin. It’s 12 euros and you go to 4 pubs and a night club.(A free drink or shot at each place and free club entry!) I recommend it! We had so much fun that night. We met people from all over. Also if you keep the wristband you don’t have to pay the next time around!

Day 12 Dublin

We spent a few days in Dublin, more than needed. But considering our drinking habits it might have been a good idea. haha We went to the Guinness Storehouse on Day 12. The place is huge and really interesting. It is a bit far from the main part of the city, and is situated in a rougher area. I wouldn’t recommend walking there at night.


Day 13 Galway/Cliffs of Moher

I wish we could of stayed in Galway, but we just did a day trip to the west coast to see the Cliffs of Moher via Paddywagon tours. You have to see the cliffs. 700 feet of amazing cliffs. The bus will drop you off at different places to see along the way too!


Day 14 Dublin

Our last day we ran out of things to do, but we did visit the old prison which is on the other side of town in Dublin. You get a tour with your entry and you get to learn a lot about Irish history and rebellions. I enjoyed the tour. We did walk from the main part of the city and it is quiet far. I would suggest a taxi or maybe bus. Although we had the time so walking was fine for us.

Day 15 Return

It was time to head home. That was the end to our amazing trip. <33 I loved Ireland.

At Last,



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