Ireland 2015: Kilkenny, Ireland

Let me first say, Kilkenny is probably my favorite town in Ireland. At least from the ones that we saw.


After our short 5 hour flight, in which we got no sleep what so ever, we got onto a bus to take us to Kilkenny.
I am not really sure how we found the bus to Kilkenny. It was kind of luck. We asked a girl who worked there and she gave us some idea of where the bus may be. But it was 5 am in the morning and freezing cold. I guess we had newcomers luck. Our bus ride was 25 Euro.

Unfortunately, the coach buses in Ireland don’t have an announcement system to say what stop is what, so I suggest sitting up front next to the driver and let him know where you are going. They are usually pretty friendly and will let you know when to get off.

So we arrived in Kilkenny and got the best breakfast of my whole life. I wish I would have gotten the name of the place, but I took a picture of my half eaten food. I believe it was diagonal from the castle on the corner. I’m sorry I didn’t get the name.

IMG_5612 IMG_5613_2

We finally arrived in our hostel. We stayed at the Kilkenny Youth Hostel. It was very nice and empty at this time in March. We took a much needed nap and ventured out a bit. We had dinner and a drink at Kytelers Inn. It was good food and a nice bar!

The next day we went out to the castle. The castle grounds is probably the most impressive thing there. It’s huge and so green. The castle itself is lovely, but has been completely refurbished and it has lost some of its charm with it. However, if you are in Kilkenny I would still check out the castle if you aren’t sick of seeing castles this far into your trip. It is the main attraction there.


20150311_134548 20150311_132157


Afterwards we went to the Rothe House which is a 17th century Irish house. It has turned into a museum too. There are many different donated artifacts. There is not much to see there, but it was something for us to check out.

By mid-day we had actually ran out of things to do. So we just took a stroll around the town. Kilkenny is extremely small and can easily be walked. There are strong nordic influences there because the vikings at one time settle there. We walked pass some beautiful cathedrals and also the Black Abbey which is gorgeous inside.


20150311_171846 The Black Abbey


We wrapped up our day in Kilkenny by drinking. Oh drinking so much. We started out at Matt the Millers, which had live music every night! Great bar and a great bartender! Loved it there. Then we went to Pegagsus, which is the bar that is open the latest in Kilkenny. We walked home completely plastered and woke up early in the morning very hung over.

We picked up some sandwiches, and rolled our luggage to the bus stop. We got on a 10am bus to Cork. It is the same bus stop you get off of when you come into Kilkenny and if you are going to Cork you will get on on the same side where you got off. Use google maps to give you bus times and departures. 

Also one last tip, don’t drink a lot and take a bus the next day. That bus ride was the worst hour and a half of my life. I thought i might puke the whole way to Cork. We were lucky, but this poor girl in Dublin wasn’t so lucky and was scrambling for a plastic bag to throw up into.

Just a kind tip!

Next up Cork!!

At Last,



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