Back In Time: First Day of School

August 18th, 2010

So today was the day I entered  the “real” Korean life. 학교 or Korean High School. 11 hours of being in an ALL girls school was an……experience. The experience is even more amazing because I’m a foreigner, as in, I look very different from everyone else in the school. Let me tell you about my day.

I woke up at about 6am. My host mother prepared breakfast for my host sister, Yoomi, and I. We arrived at the bus stop at around 7 am. These aren’t your basic school buses. The school buses are coach buses. Its a comfortable 15 minutes ride to school! Anyway, Everyone was starring, I wanted to laugh from the attention or maybe the sheer embarrassment. I couldn’t tell which feeling I was feeling. We stepped onto the bus, people continued to stare, then whispered and then smiled.

Once I got into my classroom, things got crazier and turned into…How can I put it? Madness? The girls would smile at me all shy and say “hi” or would just smile and walk away quickly. Some girls jumped in my face and started talking broken English to me. Then the homeroom teacher tells me “You and Kelly(the other exchange student with me at the school) will be making a greeting to the entire school in the gym in about 20 minutes.” She also mentioned that it needed to be in Korean and English, so I was freaking out just a little. I mean I had only been in the darn country for a month and speaking in front of a huge school in Korean was frightening. I had no idea what was going to be thrown at me! As she was telling me this everyone is starring and giggling. Thankfully the speech was short and successful.

I went to my first class. I didn’t understand anything. I am not even sure what subject it was. The second class was 영어(English), still didn’t understand anything. Of course the whole lecture was in Korean… then we had an hour and a half lunch. Which was filled with lots of stares again. Then we had Math and I actually got it, except later we had another math class and I was completely lost. Then we had a class on how to plan a party…..??? Yes really. Then break time again… then Korean class again and then math again. Long day, it’s even longer for regular students. There are another 3 hours of study time after the standard 11 hour school day.

Because of there strict sschool system, you would think a Korean school is very disciplined and calm,hahahahah

Hell no.It’s crazier than schools in America.


School Logo

I’m at an all girls school and most of the girls there don’t understand what is like to be in the presence of a handsome male. That might be over exaggerating, but girls in high school don’t date guys because you are looked down upon if they put their heart into a boy rather than their textbook. So they asked me, “ Do you go to school with boys?” and I said, “yes, I did.” and they screamed!!! Haha so bring up a boy, they go crazy! They are all screaming at each other all the time in the classroom during break, they tackle each other and play fight. It’s crazy. And we have a bunch of breaks with nothing to do, and then we do nothing in class. The class period is just the teacher lecturing, its so boring. Half the students sleep or are doing homework for another class, and the teachers really don’t care.

But I swear the girls at this school are amazing. One girl I just met gave me her pencil pouch randomly because I didn’t have one.<3 I made some awesome friends!

Ill leave it at that. I wrote a lot. Comment with love!<33

Friends 3If 지은 ever see’s this she might kill me. hahahaha <33

Friends 10

Me and 쌤

Friends 8

At Last,



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