Back In Time: Hello My Name is 문신헤

August 16,2010

I lost count of how many days it has been in Korea ever since I moved.

If you missed that, I did move! I now am living on the country side, in a place called Iksan. Its very nice! It is a small town, but definitely has a little more life then my hometown back home.

I also really like my host family! They are pretty awesome. My host father owns his own rice company, my host mother is actually Japanese, and my host sisters are really nice too! I feel really fortunate to be living with such an awesome family!

I start school on Wednesday and I’m excited. I’m a little nervous on how I am actually going to do “school” when I can barely speak Korean. Beats me, but I guess I will see.

Today I got asked to go to a jimjjilbang (public bath). It’s where you get completely naked and shower with other naked women! I am a little scared, so I said no to the invitation. Although I think I’m going to have to go sometime during my stay in Korea.It is normal to go get naked with other women. i am dreading the time I have to go….

 What are your thoughts on this? 


Anyway, when I arrived the other day, my host family couldn’t pronounce my english name. So I said I would pick a Korean name. On the spot, I decided on Shin Hye “신혜.” It is extremely weird having a new name. I am not used to it and I don’t respond to it yet. Hopefully it will sink in though!

Leaving Seoul was really hard just because I made so many good friends there. Saying goodbye to everyone was really difficult since now I am sort of alone.Well I’m still with a few people here in Iksan. I have a new family now. Wish me luck in this new place.

Mom2 My Iksan host mom

Family PhotoMy Iksan host family. Cousins, Uncles and all!

Friends 2My Iksan host sisters!

Teacher TripClose to Iksan. Middle of no where…

The Zoo Day 12Bibimbap..yum…

At Last,



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