Back in Time: Goodnight and Goodbye Seoul

August 14, 2010

At the moment it is 4:40 am and I’m not tired. Today was the summer students last night so they are partying and I have conveniently joined them.
As the summer peeps depart, I begin my new journey. I watch them all leave, but I still have 11months in Korea. It is a scary thought.
I will miss Seoul and the buzz of the city, but I am going to try to adapt as well as possible to the country side. I do enjoy change.
I had to say goodbye to my host family today too. It was sad departure. Some how I came to the conclusion that if a Korean mother says “aigoo aigoo” to you, then they love you. My mom was crying and so was my older sister. Then my mentor last night was crying too. Too many tears for me to handle….
He is so cute and so nice though. He always held my bags on the subway and when I got hurt he worried like crazy. Then as it was raining one day, he held my umbrella for me. He was a gentlemen.

On another random thought……

-I love Korea, except driving around here is scary. I swear people are crazy on the road. People honk for no reason and pedestrians have no right a way. I fear for my life while riding public transportation.

-You would expect Koreans to eat very little. However, they eat a lot, very fast. Haha I think its funny because on the contrary to what they actually do, they say that if you eat fast, you are more hungry and gain more weight.

Seoul Winter 8


Seoul Winter 34


Sorry it was just random thoughts I had tonight.

Comment if you like.It makes me happy! <33 Goodnight and Goodbye Seoul. Now lets party some more!


At Last,



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