***Happy New Year***

Happy New Year to my fellow readers and all those that surround you!

Theres so much emphasis on the new year as it “brings” all these amazing things: First Selfie of 2015, First kiss of 2015

For me its just another day. Nothing changes in a matter of minutes, but I guess it is nice to feel like you have a fresh plate. A plate that will soon be filled with adventures, worries, and love.

I have no resolutions, as I love where I am at in my life. I’m surrounded by so many people I love so much and I am ambitious as ever. I thank 2014 for giving me so much. It was a productive year!
Even though I don’t have any resolutions and I don’t feel like my life has changed in the past 24 hours, I am still super excited for 2015! I will be traveling to New York City and Ireland in March, which I still cant believe! I’m so excited guys!! Then hopefully moving to Michigan for a job and then off to UCLA!  Which will the most amazing experience. An experience I have always wanted. I am terrified, but ready.

I’m excited to share all my experiences with you guys this year.

Thanks for reading!


At Last,


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