Why I Have Become a Feminist and How It Has Changed My life

If you think feminism is a bad thing and should be looked down upon, then you really don’t understand feminism at all.

Feminism- the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. (Google)

With so much backlash on this video of the girl being catcalled in NYC and other recent events in my life, I have really began to notice the inequalities of women. I truly believed that women were equal to men, but in the past 5 months that belief has been changed.(Thank you for college!) I assume that because I am taking a women history class, my eyes have opened up into this new world of inequalities. Where to begin…….

As I was discussing work life with my co-workers last night, my friends boyfriend was telling me how I had to stick up for myself. He told me to tell the boys in the back of the house to, “fuck off, or shut up” because he does it all the time and thats how he gets respected. And you know what I told him, “Its different for you. You’re a guy. If I did that, I would get fired right then” I never thought those words would come out of my mouth,“Its different for you because our genders are different” Thats makes no sense logically, but in social terms, it makes complete sense. Women are looked down upon especially in the work environment I have been in working in lately. On top of this, I realized that my managers, who were women, never had a say in anything against my male boss. An inequality I never noticed until I took this women’s class.

I don’t mean to categorize all men into being ignorant or anti feminist. However, a lot of men and even women, are ignorant to the inequalities. The catcalling video in NYC when she walked around for 10 hours and was yelled at more than 100 times was not a stunt or a lie. Women, even myself, get catcalled all the time. And I realize there are people that are just being nice ,but we don’t want to stick around and hope that you are the nice one. About 10% of the guys that catcall a women are genuine. However, guys don’t see this issue as a big deal because women “ask” for it or because thats “human instinct.” Its just a simple thing called respect. I know that not every guy catcalls a girl, but the video gave insight. Women get catcalled everyday and it is not comforting. It makes women scared to walk down the street alone.

I am a feminist. I am not ashamed to represent women’s equal rights, and neither should you. Feminism isn’t just a women thing, Men can be feminist too. For example, Joseph Gorden Levitt is a huge advocate for feminism. It is a simple term or thing that represents the fight for equal rights.

You wont see inequalities if you turn your head and look the other way. So look at it straight in the eyes and really think about situations. Let it set in.

At Last,



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