Back In Time Korea: Stairs of Hell

August 12th, 2010

So let me tell you of how I covered myself with blood.

We had just finished class and I was about to go about on my way home. I was happy and having a great day, but two of my classmates,Elwin and Andrew, come along and ask me if I want to go out to garden five, which is a huge mall. I happily accepted their invitation. I mean I love shopping! Well the mall was a little far out of town. It was in the outer part of main city Seoul, so we had to transfer subways to get there. Well we were in the mitts of transferring lines/trains and going up the escalator, whenI I hear Andrew say,” Oh I hear the train coming!! HURRY!!” So we all start running, because if we decided to wait for the next train it would be like another 15 minutes. Well Elwin and I are running up the escalator and I trip up the stairs. Then we hear Andrew say” oh never mind wrong side of the tracks” We all take a breath and I step off the escalator decide to look at my leg to make sure it is alright and my toe is literally gushing out blood. And then my knee has this huge gash it in. I panicked at the sight of the blood, so I take a seat and Andrew runs to find a bandaid or tissue. Just with my luck, no one was around the train station, I mean NO ONE and the bathrooms were outside of the subway gates, so no tissue. Finally, the train comes and I am sitting there on display as people get off the train and see this bleeding foreigner on the bench. Elwin is using whatever Korean he knows to find a tissue or bandaid. Finally a women came to the rescue and offered a bandaid.

This is not the end.

I decided it would be better for me just to head home since it was only about 10- 15 minutes away from where we were by train.  I hobbled onto the train and off of it, then up the stairs to the rainy bus stop. I’m standing there waiting and a bus drives up into a pot hole and gets water all over my legs. Not very happy about that, but I continue to wait in the mugginess for my bus. Buses usually come every 10 minutes, I waited 35 minutes for my bus to come and it never appeared. And I am still bleeding! So I ended up taking another bus, which took me half way to my home and I walked the rest of the way.
I get home wash off my leg and show my host father and he wants to perform something on my leg. So pulls out this device and I freaked out! I didn’t know what it was and my host father made clothes, he wasn’t a doctor. It turned out to be a little acupuncture tool.

Today was our last day at Sogang University though. I’m really sad. My good friends Melissa and Jessica will be gone as I endure the next year. I met some awesome people on this trip and I think it was cool that we got to learn about Korea, but also about America and how the east coast is different from the west coast! It is something I never put much thought into until now. I still have another 11 months here, and in a way I’m a little jealous of everyone going home, but then I think, if I was here for a summer I would want to stay. So now I and some others get to go to Iksan and experience ,an adventure, hahaha oh golly gee!

Seoul Summer 25

Seoul Winter 34

Seoul summer 1

At Last,


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