Back In Time Korea: First Day Nerves

August 11th, 2010

Hey everyone!!

I don’t start school for another week, on the 18th. I’m a little scared….It will all be in all in Korean,어떻게!!!! Its okay though, I’ll make it, don’t we all? It will be fun to get to wear a school uniform for the first time, and be in school for 9 hours, maybe more….. At least I am not studying to get into a Korean University like everyone else here. It is a huge to deal to get into a big name university. It means everything to these kids future. It is really hard for high school students here because they are so pressured to get into a well known university and if they don’t go to a good university they are looked down upon sort of. I think its wacky. I hope it changes. There are some movements to change the system, but nothing drastic has happened yet. Unfortunately, now it is in grained in Korean culture.


Also I might add that I am not so patiently waiting the release of an FT Island album. Everything I got to the 노래방 (Karaoke rooms) I sing 너나쁜남자. Freaking love that song!!!!! haha okay.


uniform My uniform!

IMG_3393  Rain!

IMG_3408Dumpling soup!

IMG_3405 밧빙수 (Redbean and Shaved ice) Amazing!






At Last,


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