Robert Johnson: The curse of 27

Hi guys!
I realized it has been like a century since I last wrote on here.I’m so sorry. I have been soooo busy with school, work, a wedding (my sisters) and applying for college, so writing my blog has made its way to the back of my to do list. I will try had to keep up on my writing, but after this semester I well definitely continue.
I got the urge to write because I had an interesting thought you might say. This older couple came into my work and the gentlemen tells me his name is Robert Johnson. I was like “Oh just like the blues singer!” The both of them were really surprised I had knew who he was so I explained I learned about it in my History of Rock and Roll class. I started asking some people around me and I was really surprised with how many people did not know who Robert Johnson was and the myths of the crossroads. So let me tell you this awesome story….


Robert Johnson is the so called King of the Delta Blues and has influenced hundreds of singers from Rock and Roll to blues. He was a famous singer in 1930’s, however his stardom only lasted a few years because of his death in 1938. The myth goes that Robert Johnson had made a pack with the devil. He acquired his guitar skills so fast and miraculously people believe he sold his soul. Then on top of that Johnson wrote songs like “The Devil on My Blues” and “Crossroads”(which is usually where you make packs with the devil.) This is from

“But much of Johnson’s life is shrouded in mystery. Part of the lasting mythology around him is a story of how he gained his musical talents by making a bargain with the devil: Son House, a famed blues musician and a contemporary of Johnson, claimed after Johnson achieved fame that the musician had previously been a decent harmonica player, but a terrible guitarist—that is, until Johnson disappeared for a few weeks in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Legend has it that Johnson took his guitar to the crossroads of Highways 49 and 61, where he made a deal with the devil, who retuned his guitar in exchange for his soul.” (1)

His story is pretty interesting, but now there is this thing called The Curse of Twenty Seven because famous artists like…..

  • Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones was found at the bottom of a pool at 27 years old
  • Janis Joplin overdosed at age 27
  • JImi Hendrix overdosed at age 27
  • Jim Morrison overdosed, but an autopsy was never performed and people were angry about this, at age 27
  • Kurt Cobain suicide at age 27
  • Amy Winehouse overdose at age 27 (2)

Sure I realize that most of these people had drug problems, but isn’t is weird they all died at 27. Maybe Amy said “No no no” to rehab because she knew she was going to die anyway. If any of you readers watch supernatural they actually do an episode of the story of Robert Johnson and the whole crossroads demon pact thing. If you don’t watch Supernatural then shame on you. Its the best show in the world.<333

This is the myth of the curse of 27. Now you know just in time for Halloween!

At Last,

Brielle Mroczko

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