Back In Time: Koreas Obsession With Relationships

August 7th, 2010

Day 44

Korea tortures the single people. I am not kidding. Everyone around you is in a relationship. I am almost 90% sure that half of those relationships are for looks and not because of love. I don’t blame them though. It’s hard to be single in this country when they put so much emphasis on how wonderful relationships are. Look at Korean Dramas; the popular ones are always about love. They even have a cafe called “Twosome Cafe.” Most restaurants have couple sets, which is where you get a mix of food to share. Movie theaters have couple seats, and you can buy couple shirts in most clothing stores. And people actually wear couple shirts here. 

Korea likes to rub all that in your face everyday….

Anyway enough ranting about being single. On my way to class the other day, running late as usual, I tripped up the stairs Like I seem to do a lot in Korea…

People just stare at me, and it made me feel even more awkward  when I ran into nothing.

Its sad to say I have learned more Korean in a month than I did with 2 semesters of college level spanish. Immersion is an amazing thing!! I can actually reply to people in Korean sometimes and understand them. I think I have come far but there is so much I still want to learn. 

Oh and also I just found out what this loud noise in the tree was. Ha its a bug! A cicada. They are disgusting and huge. I thought it was some device in the tree making the noise, not a bug! haha. So Cal does not deal with big bugs!

I don’t really want to disgust you with a photo.

Seoul Winter 38Me Random 9 Me nd maitong 5



Sorry. This post is just all over the place.. 

At Last,



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