If [I] Ever Go Across The Sea To Ireland

Next up Ireland. I would love some advice on my travels to Ireland. I have never been to Europe and I am so excited! I plan on taking a small trip over to London while I am over there. Might as well since they are so close.

I debated for months on where I wanted to travel next and finally came up with Ireland. I told myself I would not travel to Asia because I have been there too much! I have been to Taiwan and Korea both twice. I love Asia though, because it is so cheap and of course it is amazing. But the reason I never even began to think of Europe as an option is because of prices. However, as I was watching Legally Blonde The Musical, the song “Ireland” came on and it hit me! Ireland was not a huge hot spot in Europe so it wouldn’t be as expensive and it is beautiful. So I researched plan tickets and hostels and I was surprised at the prices. I’m so excited for my trip, but some help would be awesome!

Anyway my daddy used to sing my sister and I lullabies every night up until I was in like 5th grade. Probably before he was diagnosed with cancer. He sung this song to us all the time. It brings back memories and on top of it Bing Crosby sings this particular version. I could not think of a better singer to make me feel warm and at home in my heart other than Bing Crosby.

To Ireland. <33

This trip is the only thing that is going to get me through this next semester of school. Cheers to education.

At Last,



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