The Perfect Love, May be the Easiest to move On From…

What can I say? I waited 4 months to meet the guy of my dreams and I find out he’s perfect, but “seeing” someone else. I couldn’t possibly think of a worst way to start my trip to San Francisco. Of course, I will not let that ruin my trip! I will try for it not too at least. Although, I can say I that I expected it and if its not meant to happen it won’t :]] I’ll keep optimistic.

I want love to hit me blindsided and at a thousand miles and then go in slow motion. It sounds like a romantic thing to say but I am far from that, I just want love! But now my trip at this guys house has come to a close and I will move on with happiness. I discovered what I was so curious about and now I know. I can leave San Jose complacent because deep down I know that he is not curious about me. And from the beginning deep down, in my gut, I knew that.. I am ready for San Francisco. I enjoyed San Jose and all the drinking we did, but I’m ready for the city.

At Last,



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