Back In Time Korea: 5 Things I hate and Love About You

Day 16 

Well Korea has been treating me well. For some reason today on my way home a lot of people were starring at me. Or maybe I just noticed it more today? I don’t know why… Okay I do know why they stare, but it was more than usual!

So I am on a program called NSLI-Y. It is a scholarship through the state department. Well they sent me over here with a bunch of other students from America. In korea our program affiliate is iearn. They plan everything for us. Well every week our program makes us get together with everyone and do something cultural. Today we learned how to mask dance. Our assistant dance teacher was HOT too, except he was like 28 but looked 23! ugh asians never look their age! The dancing was interesting and fun though. Usually you get to wear weird and scary masks and create a story through your dance. We only learned some basics.

masked dance


(Bongsan Talchum)

Raditional Dancing

(Our Teacher :] )


I have probably mentioned to my readers that I love Korea for its transportation systems! They are awesome. They are easy to use, but also there are so many different people and it’s fun to people watch. You get to watch people fall asleep on strangers shoulders and listen to awkward conversation people have on the subway. I had a weird encounter the other day though.  I was getting off of the train and these ladies were handing out pamphlets. The lady gave it to me and it read, “Depressed One.” I thought to myself, maybe I look depressed thats why everyone is starring. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t look depressed though. I couldn’t have been happier until the rain came and drenched me with water….Yay rain.



(Subway map)

I decided to make a tiny list of what I like and dislike about Korea. So here is is.


The showers: They are so big! They are actually the entire bathroom, toilet and sink all included and one drain.

Tip/Tax:  You don’t ever tip here and you never get taxed! It is already calculated in. Amazzzzing!

Transportation: As I mentioned above Its easy to get anywhere.

Food: You buy a dish and also get like five side dishes for free. This usually includes kimchi, Radish, and bean sprouts. Food is usually pretty cheap here too. You can buy a roll of Kimbapn (vegetable filled rice roll) for about $1. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Moms: Okay so moms here do everything;Make you food, do your wash, everything. It is amazing.


Moms: As much as they do, its hard to sit there and have them do it because you feel bad. I hate it! Plus my family never says thank you too her.

Food: The food can be amazing, but its usually spicy and I don’t like spicy food. I am kind of getting used to it though. Slowly.

Napkins and water: You get the tiniest napkins and cups in the world when you go to a restaurant. Its inconvenient.

Weather: So humid…It is worse because it’s sunny+ humidity. Even when the sun goes down, though the rain comes, it gets more humid in the air.

Cooling systems: Its usually a fan or two. Some families limit the air conditioning use, like my family, because I guess its expensive.




At Last,

<Brielle 브리엘


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