Taiwan: Things To Do in Taiwan!

Goodnight and Goodbye
            Unfortunately, it is time to return home. Back to the grind. Back to the dry desert. Back to where there are large mosquitos that don’t bite. Those Taiwan mosquitos are going to miss me though. While carrying my luggage to the bus earlier I received a “goodbye kiss” on my cheek. Honestly, who gets bit on the face by a mosquito…Only the ones who are truly loved by those devils.
            So I realize that Taiwan isn’t a hot tourist destination, but if you do it right there are some really amazing places. I showed you some pictures of one of my favorite places, which was called Haulien or Taroko Gorge. My other favorite hot spot was Juifen. It used to be a mining village when the Japanese ruled over the island. Now it is a small little town on a mountain by the ocean with little alleyways all over the place. You could get lost so easily there. The movie Spirited Away was apparently based off of this town’s design. There isn’t much to do there but shop for tourist gifts and look at the amazing views, but it is so worth going.










We also went down the way and lit a lantern. So you get to write your wishes and send them off. PLus its only like $4.00 to do it. It’s a lot of fun!








  The next place that we went to was Danshui or Tamsui district. It is technically still in Taipei, but is about 45minutes by their MRT system. It’s really easy to get there. The town is right on the river, that then connects to the ocean. You can walk along the river and eat with some awesome views. You would never be able to eat cheap in California with those types of views! Also you can check out Fort Santo Domingo. It once was a military base for the Spanish and British, Dutch, and Japanese. Everyone used it… I realized that Santo Domingo was the place was Jane Austen’s sister fiancé died. I’m a little bit of a Jane Austen fan…


            We also checked out The Lin Family Gardens. This is in Taipei City city. It is a large mansion that is pretty old and is in all traditional Chinese style. It is really pretty there and I enjoyed it. And one of the guys that worked there gave us a mini English tour. I appreciated it because he really was trying with his English. He was nice :]]

            Then last we visited Taipei 101. Which really isn’t that amazing, but I guess if you come to Taiwan you should see 101. I wouldn’t want to go to the top unless you want to pay 500NT. I think t was about $15 to go to the top. So instead, you can get some exercise and head to Elephant Mountain and climb the like 500 stairs to see an amazing view! They are stairs of hell, but it is a pretty cool view.









See you next time Asia. My next trip I’m going to try to go to another continent though! haha

At Last,




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