Taiwan:I Missed You Asia

Hello from Taiwan! It is now actually my 4th day here. We got here late Thursday night and went directly to our hotel. It was called Sato Castle and all the rooms are themed! So there is a Vegas theme, Mr & Mrs. Smith Theme, Superman etc. We got the war theme… Not the best, but it was still cool. To give you an idea of just how hot and humid it is; in our room at the hotel there was a door. And it was a little room with this huge curtain. My mom and I thought it was a steam room that was on low because it was so hot in there. It was actually our balcony. Yeah, its horrible, but you get used to it..Kind of. Coming from the desert humidity is a big deal.


So Taiwan is different for me this time around. I really like it and I am not continuously comparing it to Korea. I am even picking up on a few words. Maybe it is because I know what to expect this time around. Especially with food! I always believed that every country had “their foods.” Italy has pasta; China has weird stuff and stir-fry. Then Korea has kimchi and other yummy traditional food. Taiwan is very different. They only have a few things that are “real” Taiwanese foods such as stinky tofu!!  I couldn’t grasp that idea that Taiwan doesn’t have its own food the first time, but now I am doing a little better.Image

(Cappuccino and Macroon)


(A mess of street food: Fried rice triangles, Cass beer, fried honey chicken, candied sweet potatoes)



(The way Americans should eat shaved ice. Asian style is 100x better. with Chewy stuff and red beans)



(Pizza Hut Taiwan style: Kimchi pizza, peper beef pizza, veggie pizza, and Japanese fried chicken pizza.)

Squatty Potties

If you ever have been to Asia you know that there are such things as squatty potties. If you haven’t, they are toilets in the ground so you squat down over it a pee. They sound horrible to everyone the first time they hear of them, but they are actually kind of awesome. They are probably a lot more sanitary for you too. However, using one on a train takes some talent. Haha I was quite proud of myself that I took the challenge to try that..


I don’t have much more to say about Taiwan. So what we all wait for…Pictures



At Last,



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