We Are Fortunate

So with finals over, the stress that was bulged up inside me has dissipated. It is also helpful that I am going on vacation! I am currently writing this entry on the plane to Taiwan. My big sister is graduating with her master’s degree at a Taiwanese university. I’m so proud. She is my idol. I couldn’t ask for a better sister. I think she is the best big sister anyone could ask for. Anyway, this would be my second time to Taiwan. I like Taiwan it’s awesome, but Korea will always have my heart. No place has satisfied me like Korea does. It truly has my heart, maybe that’s way I’m single. There is something about Korea. The streets filled with beauty stores, the sometimes weird smells, the transportation systems, the weird and cool people, and my best-friend 유미 (yoomi). Actually, she’s my “sister”, host sister. The point of this entry is to tell everyone that I have awesome sisters! Haha I’m kidding. I guess I want to let everyone know how fortunate you are.


(Korea 2013)

Finals were hell for me this semester. I literally had a mental break down by the end of them. The fact that I was getting a C in my class was devastating and I couldn’t function with that hanging over me. During that hell week though something else happened that really bugged me. It has actually been bugging me for a while. This acquaintance that I know, was inspired to go to Korea by me. She kept up with my updates abroad and seemed really interested. She applied for the NSLIY scholarship (the same one I had gotten) the next year and got accepted. She only did a summer program though. Which is really cool! She loved it. Props to her but then I find out through Facebook she has been accepted into a huge university in Seoul, Yonsei University. A college in which I had applied to two years ago, but unfortunately was not accepted. Which is okay because it worked out for me, but hearing this was like a stab in my heart. On top of this I was being strangled by finals. It’s true Im jealous, I totally admit it! It not just this one acquaintance. There are many people I know that are going to Korea and living there. I wish it were me moving there and living there. However, I keep telling myself I will get there soon. 3 more years and I can be there for as long as i’d like. But I had a thought come upon me a little bit ago that made me happy, that we are all fortunate; I am fortunate to be able to go to Taiwan and Korea. To be able to travel is the greatest gift.

So what if I didn’t get into Yonsei University, I am going to UCLA next year.

So what if I am not in Korea right this second, I am on my way to Taiwan.

So what if I am not as smart as you, I will succed

So lets be fortunate for what we have right now.
            Be fortunate for being healthy.

            Be fortunate for having a family and friends.

            Be fortunate for having education.

            Be fortunate for having food on the table.

            Be fortunate for the LOVE to travel, because so many people don’t and they are missing out… 불상한사람들이…

            Be fortunate for the ability to love!
I’ll make sure to blog while i’m in Taiwan, and of course lots of pictures!!

At Last,




(Taiwan 2012 Xiemen)


(Korea 2013 Cheonggyecheon 청계전 aka my favorite place!!)



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