Back In Time: Korea

(July 2,2010)  
Korea Day 6: I guess I am starting on day 6. haha hey guys, well this is my 6th day in Korea, I’m with my family now and they are wonderful. I have only been here a few days, but I have learned and noticed a few things.

  • The stereotype that all asians are skinny is not completely true.
  • Also my sister, who backpacked around China was right, you will see random english words on peoples’ shirt’s that don’t make sense. Such as “Cheer you up” or”My house happy.” Just a few examples. And its not like Koreans cant speak English!
  • Korean food is crazy spicy. Of course this coming from a complete white girl that has never really eaten spicy. However, I have tried everything to this point. In Korea it is rude to leave food untouched so you kind of have to eat it. haha Oh well

Um I have to go now.

Going to see the palace. 
안녕하세요.Seoul Summer 3

At Last,



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